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The Doctors ready to see u Nurse Synx Meera done^^ by wsache007 The Doctors ready to see u Nurse Synx Meera done^^ by wsache007

:iconsaysplz:"Doctor Strange is ready to see you now, so please follow me."

:bulletblue: Meera, is/was One of my favorite femmy Synx creatures inspired by Music PrrratatatataaaaAAA!!!Music  :iconrainbow-apocalypse:© himself :D (Big Grin) He's also on FA ;) (Wink) just click here… Anyways, knowing and learning about his creative ideas and thoughts on his creatures. I just wanted to have a mere, and only a Semi-female Synx Love Sweating a little... Though I'm sure he may not approve of this... But hey, Even kids can be Perverts too you know XD  

So I'm pretty much on bringing her back :D (Big Grin)

Anyways she's a more gentle, & easy to negotiate/reason with... Just as long as you don't get her angry. Cuz she can still bite, and very hard. But she does eat people... Bad ones though, the Selfish, cowards, greedy and untrustworthy humans Meow :3 and yes even children's U_U. Though I do love children's, there are however... lots of Kids who have lost abandoned there pure and innocents of humanity, give them selves over into the sins of man :X (Mad)  And I hate that.... So, she'll Eat/Consume those those kinds young humans instead of the weak and innocent ones Phew!

So either way, enjoy :D (Big Grin)


[Meera's Tech Collar]

Star!- According Music PrrratatatataaaaAAA!!!Music  :iconrainbow-apocalypse:© himself stated that a few number of the Synx Monsters can talk, But.... only using certain Speech patterns that they've recognized/have learned so far...And they don't talk like average people just to let you know :O (Eek)

-Anyways, I figured since I wanna keep the original creator's concept idea in shape, I've decided to have meera wear a Special collar that allows her to whatever type of Female voice it's set up to :D (Big Grin)
Just like based from that Dreamworks/whatever Movie "UP" ;) (Wink) 

:iconsuperstarplz: Hospital lobby stock photo was downloaded from here:…




Name: Meera

Age: None

Gender: Semi-Female

Height: 6-ft tall

Weight: Unknown

Bullet; OrangeSpecies: Meera is basically a S.E.C.S (Scientifically Engineered Clone Specimen) based off of the original Chimera Synx monsters by Music PrrratatatataaaaAAA!!!Music  :iconrainbow-apocalypse:© himself :D (Big Grin) He's also on FA ;) (Wink) just click here…

Bullet; Pink Physical/power abilities:

Bullet; Pink-There aren't any known powers she may have been given during the Scientific creation of her... The only known power she's rumored to have acquired is the ability to read the minds and communicate telepathically with any species if she can :P (Lick)

Bullet; Pink- Since Synx monsters are known to have no bones in there...uh... Parasitic bodies.. according Music PrrratatatataaaaAAA!!!Music  :iconrainbow-apocalypse:© himself :D (Big Grin), Meera however has plenty of strong muscle strengths that helps her walk about as perfect as an average Human being, but she can't run :( (Sad) She has to be carried by back in order to... well you, you get the idea ;) (Wink)

Bullet; Pink- Since she's pretty much like the softest woman to the touch or grip... she would gladly make a pretty good bed time snuggle :D (Big Grin) *cough* That is...uh, if you can find a way on not to get poked in the face by them horns of hers Meow :3

Bullet; Pink- Plus, she knows on how to give one hell of a hug O3o

Bullet; Orange-Likes:

Adventure, Lovely hugs & Kisses, learning through observation, Stretching early in the morning and scratching her head like a dog Wink/Razz, getting her head massaged and scratched, mild bath time with a play mate, keep an eye out for you during your nap or bed time Sherlock Holmes

Bullet; Orange-Dislikes:

**Not sure about this one yet :P (Lick)**

P.S. I'm hoping to create a backstory about her :P (Lick)

:iconsuperstarplz: Oh and uh, just make this very clear. She's a S.E.C.S. (Scientifically Engineered Clone Specimen) ;) (Wink) So in essence, she's not wearing some Leotard suit/coat/whatever. That's her actual body and her breasts Wink/Razz So... Don't ask

Star! The Chimera Synx creatures belongs to the original Creator...Music PrrratatatataaaaAAA!!!Music  :iconrainbow-apocalypse:© himself :D (Big Grin) He's also on FA ;) (Wink) just click here…
Chimera Synx :iconrainbow-apocalypse:© And on FA:…

Drawn and meera belongs to me Love :iconwsache007:©
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Awww...c'mon! The description is loooong xD guess You'll have to strangle my ass :D
As for now I'm giving fave cus she looks damn hot n' awesome and i really like the overall of the pic :D I will just read what's below it later :)
marktorquequantum Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
she got "sexxy" written all over her
what does semi-female even mean? I just never seem to understand it.

Good work by the way.
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(Dr.Markiplier -"Shut up norse, i know i am the best!")

she is cute :3
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nose bleed Id follow you anywhere.
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