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July 14, 2013
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Stealth killer Snake Emilly_in progress by wsache007 Stealth killer Snake Emilly_in progress by wsache007
"Private Emilly Reporting on for Duty and a waiting your orders :iconsaluteplz:"

:star:- As we all know, we are all merely Humans, and their are certain territories that are either too Dangerous or too Forbidden for even a mere human to even dare enter. So, why not send in a Inhuman soldier. Perhaps maybe this one right. Her names Emily, and she's been hired by the military to scout out or investigate any suspicious targets or Anomalies within the restricted area of a Heavy dense Forest or Jungle.She's a very Excellent Climber and very swift at what she does. So if you even try to catch her....She'll out wit you :D

RANKED: Stealth killer

:star:- Emilly has now been ranked up into..."Stealth Killer"....More classified information will be available soon to the public

:star:- View her in Military form...So of XD [link]

:star:- "Pose-study5" drawings and references by :iconkate-fox:© [link]

:star:- Unkown/classified gun practiced, referenced, and with some help from :iconsouzousha: himself :D [link]

:star:- [link] all fire arm artworks drawn,designed, and created by :iconsouzousha:©

:star:- "plateau-04" stock photo downloadede from :icongreenleaf-stock:© [link]


Military/Stealth snake Emilly belongs to me©
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it's going to be funny when she goes to shoot that gun and the barrel explodes and throws shrapnel in her eye, because she jammed it full of dirt and rocks.
wsache007 Nov 21, 2013   General Artist
:lol: that would indeed be very true and all. But I'm not stupid, I've done some homework ;) Military Snake Emilly being shirtless X3 by wsache007
Thats one babe your not gonna be able to walk away from IF you get my meaning
I want to find out just what all she can do with that strong and thick tail of hers. :horny:
wsache007 Jul 15, 2013   General Artist
Well for one thing she can most certainly use her thick ass tail to help lift herself 4ft off the ground to get a better view over an obstacle that would usually obscure ones view for seeing at a far distance :)

And to make things interesting, because Snakes are cold-blooded I'm pretty sure that they can survive the intensive heat and without the need for
water. Which that would make it impossible for even a Human to try and Survive like that :P
OOooo, interesting. I wonder if that tail is even strong enough to lift her AND her partner up off the ground while she... uh... "warms" herself up with her partner. :iconhurrhurrplz:
wsache007 Jul 16, 2013   General Artist
You got that right brotha :hug:
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