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Grygon the divine creature by wsache007 Grygon the divine creature by wsache007
GRYGON. Once a creature of darkness, ruthless, cunning,
flesh-eater, and blood shedder among the rest of his own kind. Until during a great battle in 1749 between light and dark.
The alliances of both military and religion. It was then when
an old yet brave preist stood up and decided that "If one is the divine of Darkness then thou shall be taken away into the divine and be shown to the Light". This was when
Grygon was ambushed,trapped and expossed to a beam of light. Wether by God or the Priest, it was unforsure. It
would have killed Grygon but instead he was given a rapturous heart,mind,and soul. To this day he has no recall
of any of his dark past nor shows any signs of his darkerside. He has developed a close freindship with an 8 year old girl whom he saved from a demonic cult in 1799.
It is inconclusive of where that Scyth came from(which I have not figured out yet).It too was once a dark relic but now by God's loving and mighty hands it has been transformed into a divine weapon of good and none but the purest of heart and soul can wield it's might. It's been said that by gods hands the Scyth contains hidden knowledge of the universe, the cosmos, and the heavens.
No man with greedy intentions will ever lay hands upon this knowledge. (Colored)

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October 19, 2010
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