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Gargoyle Glamour by wsache007 Gargoyle Glamour by wsache007 characters 2nd girlfriend/wife. Daleesa.(Fangson is a name I came up with for my wolf character). Fangson [link] never
did like nor had any interests in her.He would always try to avoid her and insult her.But Daleesa would always follow him where he goes, morning,noon and night. Perhaps she would also watch him sleep at night. As for his insults..Well to her it's all a joke and does not take it serious.Persistent she is..for Gargoyle. But then Fangsons girlfriend Fiona[link](who's an avian/anthro-Griffin) convinced him to have her as new friend and bride. From that time on,Fangson & Daleesa developed a close connection. BUUT!! Fiona & Daleesa became much,much closer than just mere friends, but more
likely team mates.Girls these days,what can you do about em?

If there's one thing this gargoyle would want, is nothing more then to have Fangson dorenzo (my wolf character) in her life and in her heart. Even if it means showing off to him like "This"!! :blushes: :horny:
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December 14, 2010
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