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About Varied / Artist Premium Member Walter Sache (WWS)Male/Puerto Rico Groups :iconsexy-furry-females: Sexy-Furry-Females
Where sexy furry females gather.
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I know this is gonna be weird but...for some reason, DA seems to be lacking with a lot of Happiness and Joy from people for some reason :P
It's like a, ghost town er..... It feels like as if..ya'll are Zombies :O_o:

I just got this weird feeling that none of ya'll seem to be in the mood as you were either like Last year, the day before and after that :worry:
Everything going okay with you people...Any problems in school,Jobs, etc? Because I can understand that I have not been talkative myself
to all my Friend recently nor Lately :P

To bring it short to you all...Ever since I've Downloaded Ace Combat Infinity...I've been really busy and focused on mastering the difficulties 
on Flying those long time Forgotten and new Generations of Aircraft Fighters/Attackers/Multiroles/Bombers. And trust me, they are neither Cheap to buy in-game
Nor easy to Fly. Not to Mention I've been battling against lots and lots of Cheaters and hackers :P To me, they are no Problem but with each and every new Special Raid
Missions appearing every Month...I have to rely on my own skills and rely on my online team mates. Both Cheaters and Non-cheaters :salute: Sometimes I win and often
times Loose..But either way I don't care...because the more you battle the more you'll perform better in the Future :) Every morning like at 6:30-8:00 am
I play this game to get a head start with my everyday to day schedules and such. Especially when it evolves working on them Gift arts for my Friends :work:

This is my Status in the Game so far:
Air craft sets

[Angel of Death]
F14A/FIGHTER____ Lv.10 >>>ACE COMBAT INFINITY_F-14 Tomcat girl Complete ^v^ by wsache007 No# of Sortie______822

[Feline FURY]
F14D/Fighter____ Lv.5
6AAM____ Lv.3

[Jolly Good show]

[Lady Morgan]


[Soviet Flanker]


[Earth Eagle]

[The Flying Tiger]

[Eagle of Heaven]

[Sky Screamer]
F-15 S/MTD /MULTIROLE_____Lv.5

[The Raptor Queen]

[Russian Empress]
T-50 (PAK-FA)/FIGHTER______Lv.3

[The Black Widow]


[Heavy Bomber]

6AAM>> 6 air-to-air Missiles
4AAM>> 4 air-to-air Missiles
LAGM>> Long Range Air-to-Ground Missiles
LASM>> Long Range Air-to-Ship Missiles
TLS >> Tactical Laser System
HVAA>> Hyper Velocity Air-to-Air Missiles
HCAA>> High Capacity Air-to-Air Missiles
SAAM>> Semi-Active Air-to-Air Missiles
MUGB>> Modified Unguided Bomb 
GPB   >> Guided Penetrating Bomb 

Rank_____________________ Lieutenant Colonel #23

Remaining Experience to Next Rank____________ 3,640
Total Acquired Experience_____________ 371,721

No# of Sorties__________ 1,595
Total Acquired Credits________ $16,602,533

Total Amount Spent on Production_______ 15,784,890
Total Amount Spent on Performance Upgrades______7,037,360

:phew: It is quite a lot of Work and Battling, but If wanna win, Compete in Special Raid Missions,go up against other online players, increase My Aircraft's, and above all...
Take down that Stupid what's my Foot up her Carmillac ass Butterfly Master for good and for the rest of her Bitch ass Life? I must continue with my
mission within that game like as any actual Military Officer would when called into Action :salute:

Which brings me back to the topic at hand....I know that I've not responded to many of My Friends Comments or Replies and such :P But Ace Combat infinity
is just only one of the Reasons on why I've not been quite Talkative to you all. But...For some reason...Ya'll don't seem to be...Very happy nor enjoyable with yourselves 
when you're all Active on DA :worried: I hope nothing bad has happened to any of yaz. Such as passed away families, Bullies in Schools, Parent issues, etc :P

So yeah, it just as if Deviantart has been stripped away of it's happy residential online users and more :P

Anyways, that's all I wanted to get off my chest <3
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Walter Sache (WWS)
Artist | Varied
Puerto Rico
:police: :star: "Please Read My Profile Rules!" :star: :police:

:iconnorequests: :iconnocollabs: :iconnotrades: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnocommissions: :iconnopointcommissions:

:bulletred: So please don't be asking me for anything, cuz I only like to draw for myself, for projects, families and REAL trust worthy friends

P.S, I don't draw things for neither money nor Points. Just free of charge and fun time :) I see no point in making
Money by doing art. That just doesn't make sense to me whatsoever :P And it's not worth it.

Llama Hate - 2 by Tami-StampsWarning: Amateur Artist stamp by ArtJockeyKCMy Anatomy stamp by FargononSelf-Taught Artist by sequelledont take requests stamp by ohhperttylightsMy Art, My Rules by Survey-chan

My Own World by jrtracey

Society Sucks Stamp by caramel-dixon

friends STAMP by peterdzign Friends that are on my Friends List Only...They are my Friends and online families :D

- But not my watchers or so called Fans/followers....I don't wanna have anything to do with them

I  Hate My Little Pony. by LainaofthesandLOL

But I Love some/several of the fan artworks more then the bitch-slapper show itself XD

But If I were to ever love MLP... it will be pinkiepie stamp by narutofangirl12 even though she has her dark and psychotic alter ego "Pinkiemena Diane pie" I'll still care about her. Because she represents the bases on how a person feels when either he/she has feel loved and when one day there there lives were broken by treachery,fraud, and betrayal :disbelief:

Such as an act that all humans commit, especially to there own families, loved ones, and comrades :X
MLP: Pinkie Pie stamp by JanbearpigPinkie Pie Stamp by KevfinMLP FiM Pinkie Pie G3 Face Stamp by KevfinG3 Pinkie Pie Stamp by SoraJayhawk77Pinkie Pie/Pinkamena Stamp by Lemon-drop24Pinkie Pie stamp by sarafina99WhenYou'veBungledAllYourBanglesAndYourLovedOnesHav by endler

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dont take requests stamp by ohhperttylightsArtistic Stamp by SayaStarshineAnthro Stamp by evilempressI'm OK with who I am by DrkSnpr14You CAN hate. by RadenWA

1 :bulletpurple: And People please, I don't want to hear:

:bulletpurple: You're My Favorite Artist
:bulletpurple:Your art is Awesome
:bulletpurple:You have an amazing talent
:bulletpurple:I love your characters
:bulletpurple:You're a great/awesome artitst
:bulletpurple:Your art doesn't suck
:bulletpurple:Hey wanna be friends
:bulletpurple:I'm Quite a Fan/ I'm a Big fan of your work
:bulletpurple:love your stuff bro, very sexy and awesome
:bulletpurple: You're truly an inspiration
:bulletpurple: Your one awesome artist
:bulletpurple: You're an Artist God :3
:bulletpurple: I love your, Keep it Up/Keep'em coming
:bulletpurple: I LOVE your art man

:bulletpurple: Or any other bullshits you have in that big mouth of yours

You love my work? Then good for you. but, I don't wanna see any of these complimenting or any shitty ass type of Garbage on my Profile page, Gallery page, nor sent to me by :note:!!

- I've grown tired of hearing all that, just because you say it doesn't prove that you mean it :P That's just nothing but talk.
I don't tolerate Hypocrites

-It would probably mean that you're just full shit and not taking it seriously. And you'll probably be thinking that I'm stupid enough to believe yaz. You'll have to show me proof!!

:skull: You will eventually be BLOCKED PERMANENTLY :skull:

(I could careless if you cry about it/get angry about it... Not my problem, you've been warned)


2a :bulletred: Stop asking me questions on/about:

:bulletred: "Do you take requests?"
:bulletred: "Do you do commissions?"
:bulletred: "Wanna do an Art-trade with me?
:bulletred: "Do you have skype/msn/twitter/facebook?"

:star: The Answer's gonna be no no No NO.... :iconisaidnoplz:!!!!
2b. :bulletred: Stop asking me questions on/about:

:bulletred: "How do you draw/create your works?"
:bulletred: "Can you teach me...please?"
:bulletred: "Can you give me any tips on how to do this or that?"
:bulletred: "What software do you use for your art"

:star: Just cut it out already, Cuz I don't know on how to explain things in full details nor on how to teach any individuals about art. I'm not a teacher :P

-But, use any of the available resources,tutorials, stocks & etc from my Favorites folders :P
3 :bulletblack: Stop saying:

- "You've earned a new watcher"
- "You deserve my watch"
- "I'm adding you to my watch/friends list :D"
- "You are epic, I gonna watch you"
....or etc..

:star: I don't wanna see nor hear any of that load of garbage on my profile nor any on my artworks, cuz I'm not stupid. I'm always online one way or another... I don't need to know nor for you to tell me that
If you love my art and you wanna watch me that's fine..But PLEASE, No more of that "I'm adding you to my watch cuz of...blah blah blah..." shit. I don't need to be notified :P

:skull: You will eventually be BLOCKED_Permanently. :skull:
4. :bulletorange: "Can I don't a Fan art of one of your works...?"

:bulletorange: I only accept things like that from

1. Those that are on my Friends list
2. Those who I know very well and trusted him/her for a good long time from my watchers list
3. To trust worthy people

:star: But not from strangers nor rejects nor Hypocrites....

I also came here on DA to improve on my art skills, Study more on Anatomies, proportions, Coloring and so on. Not waste my time with fucking strangers and so called "Big fans", pfffffft...right.

:iconstarplz: "Oh, one more thing people" :star:

-I don't wanna see anymore of that "You've been tagged" nor "You've been hugged" game shit on my profile :X

What The Fuck is all that about? Just a waste of time if you ask me :P
And not my type of game to be playing with :iconhellnoplz:


:star: Don't get me wrong people. I may be a Prick, a Jerk & all. I know that you may have a severe anger, hatred, jealous for what I've done to you and several of your closes friends :( and I'm sorry for that , but it's just....

- I need to know or make sure if I can even trust you at all :shrug: Otherwise, You're just another waste of my Time. Because I have recently been loosing my faith and trust on Humanity. Cuz of the lies & bullshit paths that humans have taken upon themselves.

- I'm afraid Humanity has just become far to Dangerous & untrustworthy for Our Mother Earth to Handle and the Governments are beyond useless to even help maintain order :P ... Just Like the DA admins/staffs U_U

My Rules Stamp by satanspawn80



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InvertedBolt Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist're going around banning people that say, "Wow you're really amazing!" Complementing you or basicly ANYTHING NICE TO YOU?!?!? WTF! Then why the fuck are you here then posting your art when you don't even anyone to see it or want any feedback AT ALL?!?! Wouldn't you want people to care and respect you and give you tips on anything to BE BETTER!? Why do you think if someone says "That art is fucking fantastic" and you always think that they don't MEAN THAT?!?! WHAT?! Then why would they say that in the first place!!!! You don't want people saying anything nice to you or it's banning time for them?! That's just fucked up......If you didn't want any of that then why don't you just, I don't know....NOT BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!
You're scaring all your "Fans" puu(dot)sh/gQqlW/…
mirandalc12 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist…

I loooooove your furries!!!!! Check out mine! I have more but people don't look at mine a lot. Lol.
magnakron Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Possible art trace,

your picture as a reference:…

I have no idea if it really traced or just really hard inspired by your artwort but it looks a bit too similar to one of your pics. I know no other one that draw horses like that (with that likeable booty XD).
Do you have alternate accounts anywhere? Not that I reported one account of you to your other >.>
Stay awesome
P.S.: I fear your ban hammer if I would ever coment on your pics but... I like how you duck under the fangasming masses instead of bloating your ego and having the head somewhere over the clouds XD
magnakron Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I had to make the first link unclickable because either the system would have thought it is spam...
I would have taken a note but it is somehow broken...
Mssilvs Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Is there anything you DON'T like? lol
Great work mate.
maxalate Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the +fav
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Mind if I give you a fan art?
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thank you for the favourite! *Free Icon/Emote* Fancy Pusheen Chica is a Boss (Chat Icon) left shark Doctor Who I don't like it David Tennant Icon
SergalsFTW Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm curious, why do you consider yourself to be a novice?  I'd just like to know.
Laggtastic Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student General Artist
Hey thanks for faving my Skyline drawing:la:
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